Bourbon Maple Bacon Jam

August 15th, 2012

Bourbon Maple Bacon Jam

Bourbon + maple syrup + bacon = pure bliss. No need for an introduction, just do it and thank us later :)  Continue Reading »

Quick Pasta Lunch for One

June 22nd, 2011

quick easy pasta recipe for one

The joys of working from home! By far the best thing about working from my home office is lunchtime. I usually eat a good lunch whether in the office or working from home, but last night's leftovers will never compare to a freshly made meal. As always, the inspiration for this particular meal was the contents of my refrigerator. The only thing between you and delicious lunch is a bit of undressed leftover pasta, a few fresh vegetables and some staple pantry items. Even better yet, you're looking at no more than 5 minutes once vegetables are prepped, 15-20 if you do not have any cooked pasta on hand. Continue Reading »

Home cured duck prosciutto!

I have read through Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn's book Charcuterie several times and have been dying to do some curing of my own! However, the one recurring obstacle seems to be lack of space, so duck breast seemed to be the simplest for my first dry curing attempt. Not only is the small size ideal considering my lack of space but it is also easy to procure. Plus I thought, 'If I screw this up, I am only down $20 for the cost of the duck breast, so why not?'  The original recipe calls for duck breast, salt and pepper and the results are phenomenal.
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The Joys of Fried Chicken

May 23rd, 2011

Fried Chicken Recipe

I am a sucker for fried chicken and can't seem to get enough of it. I grew up eating mom's karaage, a Japanese version of fried chicken that has been marinated in a mix of soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. It was my absolute favorite okazu and always a special treat to find in my little bento box. A crispy, well-seasoned skin that has been rendered of excess fat is a hallmark of well-made fried chicken everywhere. Cantonese style crispy fried chicken, Korean fried chicken, Popeye's, it does not matter, give me the chicken. Even if I am not familiar with the establishment and my instinct tells me no, if I see fried chicken in the restaurant menu, it's difficult to deviate from the idea of putting my lips on juicy moist chicken with a well-seasoned crust as crisp and crunchy as a potato chip. Call it a bit of an obsession. Continue Reading »


May 11th, 2011

It's been several years since my last fishing trip out in open water. Thanks to yet another deal on Groupon, we got ourselves on a deep sea fishing trip for a day of fun out on the ocean. The day's catch consisted of a plethora of rockfish, sanddabs and even a lingcod that almost won the jackpot for biggest catch of the day. The time in Mexican waters had me reminiscing of sun-filled weekends spent on the coast of Mexico accompanied by fresh ceviche and beer.

Ceviche consists of raw ocean fish, and many times includes shellfish such as scallop, squid or octopus, marinated in a lime and lemon juice mixture. The fish is prepared without heat through chemical "cooking" using a citric acid-based mixture. The citric acid changes the proteins of the fish by a process of denaturation. This is the same process that causes cooked meat to become firm and boiled eggs to become hard. Ceviche is a favorite dish along the coastal America's and a fantastic alternative to sushi for those not a fan of eating raw fish. Most recipes call for at least three hours "cooking" time, but depending on the type of fish and freshness factor you can marinate for a quick 20 minutes or as long as 4 hours.  The less time you marinate, the more delicate and fresh the flavor of your fish.
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Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread

April 25th, 2011

Cornbread Recipe

Everyone has a cookbook that they don't get enough use out of.  Mine (or should I say, one of my many) is The Bread Baker's Apprentice; by Peter Reinhart, a respected figure in the artisan bread baking community. Although the science of baking is definitive and clearly broken down, the recipes did intimidate me a bit.  For one, precision cooking is not necessarily my forte. I am one of those add a little bit of this and a little bit of that type of cook. However this preciseness is imperative in baking as there needs to be a perfect balance between flour, fat, liquid, and the leaveners. On a personal note, I have been making a concerted effort to step out of my comfort zone, so I thought, why not get a little uncomfortable in the kitchen? Plus, baking is like brewing beer, well almost. I have been brewing a lot of beer lately. Continue Reading »

Japanese Potato Salad

April 17th, 2011

Japanese Potato Salad Recipe

It is starting to feel like Summer in Southern California and that means grilling! This weekend we dusted off the Weber and made Umami Burgers, but no grilling session is complete with out a few good sides, especially potato salad. This is one of our faves!

Compared to it's German or American cousins, Japanese potato salad is much more mild in flavor, primarily due to the absence of acid. Most German or American potato salads use vinegar or lemon, adding an overall acidic undertone to the dish's flavor profile. The addition of minced boiled egg contributes to the Japanese potato salad's rich creamy texture and chopped vegetables add a subtle sweetness. Continue Reading »

sweet tangy garden strawberries

Growing your own strawberries is easy and rewarding. Fruits may be tiny compared to the chemical fed monsters you find at the grocery store but the taste of home-grown garden strawberries are undoubtedly thousand times better than the commercially produced. Do I dare say that they are better than the ones from the CSA. No, I don't think it's the mere pride -- it really is that good.

33 days of snowboarding; what an amazing winter it has been, we are so blessed. Sad to see it all melt away, but I am ready to welcome spring. To pick up life where we left off, there is so much to do. I remember that sweet scent of strawberries, it always brought a smile to my face.

Rendering Duck Fat

December 25th, 2009

Many of you loyal readers who do not have direct contact with me probably have abandoned and written off WasabiBratwurst as another blogging failure. Well we are still here ticking, chopping, slicing, cooking and eating away but have neglected to share those pleasurable experiences with you. I will get in to why it's been difficult to make updates on the blog another day, but for now I want to share the pure joy of unadulterated duck fat while we partake in gluttony which we call the Holiday season. Continue Reading »

Update on Wednesday September 9: 09/09/09 is the official launch date of the iPhone app! Approved today. Come download it for free:

Well almost. I am very excited to share with all you beer advocates, tonight I had the pleasure of witnessing the beta version of Tap Hunter iPhone app. For those of you not in the know, Tap Hunter is a new online service that allows you to search for your favorite craft beer on tap at breweries, beer pub, local bars etc!

Although the service has been only available in metro San Diego during beta testing, Tap Hunter is gearing up for their multi-market debut at the Great American Beer Festival next month. Chief Tap Hunter Jeff has been working relentlessly with help of Chris, an experienced iPhone app developer to make the already cool service accessible from mobile device so that devoted beer lovers can catch their favorite brew while it's fresh on tap! Jeff and Chris invited us to take the app on a spin so we joined for couple beers at O'Brien's Pub in San Diego.

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