Two of my favorite fall dishes are butternut squash soup and roasted acorn squash.  So, naturally one of the first recipes that stuck out to me in the Google Cookbook was this acorn squash soup recipe.

For some reason, there seems to be this misconception that soups are difficult to make. This, however, is a very simple soup dish that any novice cook can easily execute. It starts with roasting the squash and apples, sautéing the aromatics and combining the ingredients for a quick stew with broth and wine.

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Artichoke Orzo Salad

November 8th, 2008

As a last hurrah before the summers end, we gathered our good friends for a weekend camping trip to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.  As all of you loyal readers of Wasabi Bratwurst will know, we take camping very seriously and typically start preparing our food a couple days in advance.  There are a few signature dishes that are regularly in rotation, like; caramelized onions, for the honey ham and blue bagel sandwich, also great as an accompaniment to cheese and wine.  Larb, a Thai lettuce wrap that can be eaten warm or cold, best after a couple of drinks :)  We also love the one-pot dishes like, Japanese curry or a recent favorite, the Guinness stew - always enough for everyone!  Taking the time to prepare food ahead of time simplifies our camping life and gives us more time to enjoy nature and, of course, party.  Plus, we get to indulge in one our greatest pleasures, turning our friends on to some of our favorite dishes.

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