Cherry Mojito

July 7th, 2009

Many San Diegan's have been complaining about June Gloom, but turn the calender to July and just like that Summer is in full force. Perhaps my favorite thing about Summer is the resurgence of cherries! So last week when I had dinner guests it only seemed natural to treat them to something refreshing, a cocktail that screams Summer. So I decided to do something similar to Micheal Ruhlman's rum cocktail with sour cherry and mint.

When making a classic mojito my sweetner of choice is normally a simple syrup or brown sugar. However, due to the cherry's delicate flavor I opted for agave nectar; a sweetener that is almost neutral in taste. Agave nectar also rates relatively low on the glycemic index. It has lower levels of glucose and higher proportions of fructose which makes it a perfect sugar alternative, especially for those monitoring glucose intake. You can certainly use simple syrup if you don't have agave nectar handy.

Sour Cherry Mojito

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