Quick Pasta Lunch for One

June 22nd, 2011

quick easy pasta recipe for one

The joys of working from home! By far the best thing about working from my home office is lunchtime. I usually eat a good lunch whether in the office or working from home, but last night's leftovers will never compare to a freshly made meal. As always, the inspiration for this particular meal was the contents of my refrigerator. The only thing between you and delicious lunch is a bit of undressed leftover pasta, a few fresh vegetables and some staple pantry items. Even better yet, you're looking at no more than 5 minutes once vegetables are prepped, 15-20 if you do not have any cooked pasta on hand. Continue Reading »

Home cured duck prosciutto!

I have read through Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn's book Charcuterie several times and have been dying to do some curing of my own! However, the one recurring obstacle seems to be lack of space, so duck breast seemed to be the simplest for my first dry curing attempt. Not only is the small size ideal considering my lack of space but it is also easy to procure. Plus I thought, 'If I screw this up, I am only down $20 for the cost of the duck breast, so why not?'  The original recipe calls for duck breast, salt and pepper and the results are phenomenal.
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