Brewery Tours of San Diego

March 26th, 2008

Brewery Tours of San Diego

Brewery Tours of San Diego

To celebrate a beer meister friend's birthday, we decided to visit some local breweries with a group of close friends. As we all know, beer drinkers leave no soldiers behind and to make sure that no one was stuck doing the dirty D, we hired Brewery Tours of San Diego to shuttle us around San Diego county. When I heard about this service I thought, what a noble concept. This is a dream come true for beer enthusiasts like myself; visit breweries and beer festivals, drink with no need to worry about how I'll get home safely. Truly, a service anyone can appreciate!

It was a beautiful San Diego spring day with temperatures in the low 70's, perfect beer drinking weather really. The day started with a quick visit to our favorite cheese shop, Venissimo, to pick up the birthday boy a few beer appropriate snacks. When we arrived at Matt's house he had already tapped his Vanilla Porter, a concoction he had been working on for this occasion. Shortly thereafter the bus arrived.

Jon and Mindy from Brewery Tours’ were not only great hosts but were also knowledgeable about the San Diego Craft Beer Community as they both work at a local brewery. Not only did Brewery Tours provide us with safe transportation to and from the breweries, but Jon and Mindy connected us with the owners and the head brewers for personalized tours. I have been on a few winery tours in the past, but never recall service like this.

We were so ecstatic over the service that they offered that they can be sure to see us again. Matter of fact, I think we may need to contact them for the Belgian Beer Party this weekend!

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  1. mattNo Gravatar Says:

    we love brewery tours of san diego (and wasabi)!

  2. adminNo Gravatar Says:

    Matt, so whats the plan? You should pick Hatim and I up on the party bus!

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