Today, I wanted to share  a fabulous stop motion animated short film called Food Fight.  Director Stefan Nadelman gives an abridged history of modern warfare; from World War II to present day, as he tells the stories through the native foods of the countries that are in conflict against each other.

Can you guess the food that represents each country? Continue Reading »

Passionate about Jimmy Dean Sausage

I got a good laugh from this message left by a now 'former' Jimmy Dean consumer.  He was enraged by the fact that they reduced the size of their sausage from a 16 oz to a 12 oz package but were still charging the same price.  The tail end of the call is NSFW, consider yourself warned!

Beat Box Cooking Video

March 6th, 2008

This is a great video for you chefs out there. Beatboxing kitchen show by Beardyman... Enjoy!