Home cured duck prosciutto!

I have read through Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn's book Charcuterie several times and have been dying to do some curing of my own! However, the one recurring obstacle seems to be lack of space, so duck breast seemed to be the simplest for my first dry curing attempt. Not only is the small size ideal considering my lack of space but it is also easy to procure. Plus I thought, 'If I screw this up, I am only down $20 for the cost of the duck breast, so why not?'  The original recipe calls for duck breast, salt and pepper and the results are phenomenal.
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Rendering Duck Fat

December 25th, 2009

Many of you loyal readers who do not have direct contact with me probably have abandoned and written off WasabiBratwurst as another blogging failure. Well we are still here ticking, chopping, slicing, cooking and eating away but have neglected to share those pleasurable experiences with you. I will get in to why it's been difficult to make updates on the blog another day, but for now I want to share the pure joy of unadulterated duck fat while we partake in gluttony which we call the Holiday season. Continue Reading »