Cherry Mojito

July 7th, 2009

Many San Diegan's have been complaining about June Gloom, but turn the calender to July and just like that Summer is in full force. Perhaps my favorite thing about Summer is the resurgence of cherries! So last week when I had dinner guests it only seemed natural to treat them to something refreshing, a cocktail that screams Summer. So I decided to do something similar to Micheal Ruhlman's rum cocktail with sour cherry and mint.

When making a classic mojito my sweetner of choice is normally a simple syrup or brown sugar. However, due to the cherry's delicate flavor I opted for agave nectar; a sweetener that is almost neutral in taste. Agave nectar also rates relatively low on the glycemic index. It has lower levels of glucose and higher proportions of fructose which makes it a perfect sugar alternative, especially for those monitoring glucose intake. You can certainly use simple syrup if you don't have agave nectar handy.

Sour Cherry Mojito

A word to the wise: Plan ahead and pick up extra cherries. This luscious beverage is so darn tasty that I guarantee you will want seconds and thirds. The problem is, that by then you may be too intoxicated to drive :)

Sour Cherry Mojito Recipe

bunch of mint
sour cherries (pits and stems removed), lots of them
2 oz white rum
plenty of crushed ice
soda water or sparkling mineral water
about ½ oz agave nectar or simple syrup to taste
squeeze of lime

1. In a highball or tall mixing glass, gently muddle together 1 large sprig of mint and a handful of cherries. If you are not familiar with mojitos or muddling the basics on how to muddle mojito are covered in a previous post.

2. Add to glass the run, ice, soda water and agave nectar/simple syrup. Stir until the beverage is well combined and glass is nice and frosty. Add squeeze of lime and fresh mint for garnish. Enjoy - it's tough, I know, but try not to guzzle this nectarous drink down all at once.

9 Responses to “Cherry Mojito”

  1. StephNo Gravatar Says:

    Love it! I was just looking at your blog last night wondering why you hadn’t posted in so long. This drink sounds sooooo good and I love that you used agave nectar, yummy!

  2. Ricardo FigueiredoNo Gravatar Says:

    If this drink tastes half as good as it looks on that picture I’ll be very very happy!

    Thanks for another awesome recipe, don’t forget your readers, it’s been a while since your last post Mr. Bratwurst!! ;)

  3. matt mcinvaleNo Gravatar Says:

    this sounds great, come over and make me some?

  4. SippitySupNo Gravatar Says:

    Great blog. I just discovered you through Stumble and I know I will be back. These mojitos are reason enough…GREG

  5. DebNo Gravatar Says:

    After our conversation, I am definitley going to unwind with one of these ;-) Thanks for all the effort today!

  6. OurLifeInTheKitchenNo Gravatar Says:

    These look fabulous! Another way to feed my mojito obsession :)

  7. Chen( PicnicIdeas)No Gravatar Says:

    Hi :-)
    First visit to this blog ,and i must say i’m sure to visit again.The blog is nice and “clean” and with great photos and recipes.
    Will be happy to try that Mojito!
    Thanks for your lovelky blog :-)

  8. Barb DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Have you ever muddled stevia leaves for the sweetener?

  9. adminNo Gravatar Says:

    No, for me taste of Stevia is off putting, but I know many people use Stevia as a sugar alternative. Let us know how it worked!

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