Today, I wanted to share  a fabulous stop motion animated short film called Food Fight.  Director Stefan Nadelman gives an abridged history of modern warfare; from World War II to present day, as he tells the stories through the native foods of the countries that are in conflict against each other.

Can you guess the food that represents each country? Here is a link to a cheat sheet that shows the various food in the film.

Bon appetit!

8 Responses to “Food Fight – A Stop Motion Photography”

  1. joelNo Gravatar Says:


  2. colleenNo Gravatar Says:

    Ha! Fantastic!!

  3. melissaNo Gravatar Says:

    I thought it was well executed, but there’s a lot more to Iraqi, Afghan, and Palestinian food than kebab and falafel. Hell, I associate falafel more with Israel than bagel and lox (which I never had while I lived there). I just think that if the western countries get their own distinguishable foods, middle eastern counties should as well.

  4. foodluvinNo Gravatar Says:

    Luved it. Although to be truly historically accurate they needed to include the intercontinental ballistic fish taco.

  5. adminNo Gravatar Says:

    @melissa – Spoken like a globetrotter and true connoisseur of Middle eastern cuisine. And I agree with you, Japanese eat more than Sushi for gosh sake. Don’t let me get started no that tangent :D

    I do miss your crab cakes by the way….

    @foodluvin Here you go again with your fish tacos, right before dinner time! We need to have a fish taco party!

  6. JudeNo Gravatar Says:

    That’s a fun video. The matzo — crackin me up (pun intended).

  7. adminNo Gravatar Says:

    @Jude LOL

  8. angie76No Gravatar Says:

    Oh my ! This is to funny !!

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