Passionate about Jimmy Dean Sausage

I got a good laugh from this message left by a now 'former' Jimmy Dean consumer.  He was enraged by the fact that they reduced the size of their sausage from a 16 oz to a 12 oz package but were still charging the same price.  The tail end of the call is NSFW, consider yourself warned!

8 Responses to “Jimmy Dean Sausage Complaint Call”

  1. RobNo Gravatar Says:

    Errrr well now we know why the north won. Possibly he could buy two 12oz packages since he did not mind paying more,That way he could feed his “plump little wife” Must be the math that is confusing him.

  2. RPONo Gravatar Says:

    hahah outrage.

  3. adminNo Gravatar Says:

    @Rob F*ck I wanna eat god damnit!

  4. Leon MackNo Gravatar Says:

    Please visit w/the buyers of your products for Walmart Neighborhood Grocers & Target in the Dallas/Richardson, TX. area & see if they will stock your Sage Sausage Roll. They have Hot & mild, but not Sage. hanks,
    Leon Mack

  5. adminNo Gravatar Says:

    @Leon Mack – I think the Sage Sausage Roll only comes out during Thanksgiving Holidays ;)

  6. R.David BlountNo Gravatar Says:

    we have always loved Jimmy /dean Sausage. As Texans we of course like the more spicy type. Of course this doesn’t come in the mini breakfast sausages and it should.secondly when you change the package amount this is a big mistake for consumers. I would rather pay more for the same amount of a quality product than feel like I was being cheated by a smaller package at a higher price. Do what yo want but you will loose customers. People who buy Jimmy Dean and
    Owens sausage, buy for quality and not for price. If I want shit sausage I can buy it for less than 1/2 of your price. Best thing to do do is let the people who make good sausage do their job and keep the Big Bosses out of the sausage buisness. they are not interested in quality, only numbers! D. Blount

  7. TimNo Gravatar Says:

    Haha, poor guy, just wants more sausage.

    We don’t get Jimmy Dean down here in Australia (even further south than Texas!), but is this guy’s passion an indication that Jimmy Dean is a high quality example of charcuterie at it’s best? I’m going to assume yes.

  8. Rick HundleyNo Gravatar Says:

    I have used Jimmy Dean’s sausage for many year. I always buy the uncooked patties. The last three I have purchased have been very substandard. The taste or quality is no longer there. The last box of the 30 patties I had to throw away as they did not have the taste or the fine quality that Jimmy Dean started.

    I am sorry to say that I will no longer buy your sausage. What a shame to let such a fine product fall to such a low quality.

    Rick hundley

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