Return Of The Super Tuscan

April 28th, 2008

From the man who once brought us his father's famous Italian Meatballs Recipe, now comes a post on a Napa Valley version of an Italian wine. Whether you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, or just hoping to learn a little more about the world of wine, keep your eyes open for commentary from Dave T. The first wine on his list to review is Aprile.

To those whom are fans of Italian “Super Tuscans”, we have a pleasant surprise this month from Gargiulo Vineyards . No, not from Italy where the best are known to be, but from California itself. Aprile Super Oakville Blend, from the heart of Napa Valley’s Oakville district.

Gargiulo Vineyards Aprile Super Oakville Blend

This is Gargiulo Vineyards interpretation of a “Super Tuscan” where they have blended 96% Sangiovese with 4% Cabernet Sauvignon, crafting a wine with a deep ruby color, complexity, and long, broad finish. The nose has a spicy perfume of cinnamon, anise, tobacco and leather from the small barrel aging that integrate with the varietal aromas of cherry, plum and dried Mediterranean herbs. On the palate the aromas translate into a similar flavor profile that expand into a rich fruit character that hints of currant, black cherry and raspberry which is supported by the ripe tannins. This wine spends 16 months aging in French oak barrels.

I have found this wine to enhance types of food such as berries, cheeses and meat trays, the more authentic Italian meats like; Capicola, Cooked, Genoa, and Hard Salami, Hot Ham, Mortadella, Peppered Ham, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, Salami Cotto, and Soppressata. It is also a great pairing to any traditional Italian meals, chicken dishes, as well as any type of steaks. Like to barbeque, well this wine can be a partner to it. It can even be pushed as far to have with shell fish and salmon. What makes it such an easy wine to pair and enhance is the flexibility of the Sangiovese varietal and the splash of strength from the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal.

Super Tuscan

Don’t expect this wine to be an easy $10 to $20 dollars though. Food and Wine Magazine named Gargiulo, “one of the most notable new wineries on the planet. ” Since it’s from Napa Valley, you will find it anywhere from $40 to $45 direct, but with the commitment that the vineyard has to producing the highest quality and truest wines possible, it makes each swirl and sip worth every penny. Whenever I want some I order directly from the vineyard .

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It’s great for those special dinners with people who appreciate great wine, as well as a great gift for the wine lover you know.

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